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Bobby Gulley
United States
Hello everyone! I am Bobby Gulley but my friends call me Bobby G. or Bob. ^^ I am a 18 year old guy who enjoys making friends, watching movies and shows, reading books, and drawing. I hope I get to know you as well and see your great work as well. :heart:

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:heart: :iconprincess-okimaka039: :heart:

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:iconalexrozehedgehog: :iconleafybear: :iconcyan-cinfu-lainde: :iconninsofwins: :iconfuharithelioness: :iconrebastweeba: :iconzooexpert: :iconsky1o2o8: :iconhikarilotus: :icondr-cockroach: :iconone-girl-named-emily: :icon11prettybird: :iconthe-white-spirit: :iconxjinxthebadluckgirlx: Larry and Brodash

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Friendship IS Magic by MistrallaDiscord Stamp by jewlechoLuna Winking Stamp by ViperDash-GFXKing Sombra Stamp by Anzu18Chrysalis Love Stamp by AbbieGothChangelings Stamp With (Changlings) by CaptainSpinFictionTwilight Sparkle Stamp by jewlechoPinkie Pie Stamp by jewlechoRainbow Dash Stamp v2 by jewlechoFluttershy Stamp by jewlechoMLP FIM Stamp. by Pinky1babeCutie Mark Crusaders Stamp by KevfinScrewball Stamp by jewlechoBig Mac Stamp by jewlechoPrincess Celestia Stamp by jewlechoNightmare Moon Stamp by jewlechoPrincess Cadance Stamp by jewlechoDaring Do Stamp by jewlechoMaud Pie stamp by RangakuCoco Pommel by RangakuLord Tirek by MarlenesstampsTirac stamp1 by AntarcticRainbowEG Sunset Shimmer Stamp by NatouMJSonic

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I first joined to DeviantArt on August 22, 2009, because I wanted to meet some new people and to give my opinions and thoughts on other peoples work. Then I started to make some art of my own back then. I was very obsessed with Disney's The Lion King. It has been my childhood movie ever since and it still is to this day. ^^ 

Annoyed Nuka by Nukarulesthehouse1
This is my very first fan art I ever created here done in MS Paint on August 7, 2010. My favorite character was Nuka from the second Lion King film and I used to RP as him on Myspace and Facebook. 8) I had to say that this turned out pretty well and maybe one day I might redo this and color it in.

Enemys by Nukarulesthehouse1
Here is another artwork I am mostly proud of here. Hyenas and Lions are always my favorite animals, so I did the Lion King version of it. ^^ 

After that I started to be inspired by The Lion King Fan fiction comic called The Relatives of the King by :iconsavu0211:. I got into his comics that I started to do fan art for him as well and here they all are. 

Adult verson of Riku. by Nukarulesthehouse1Newer Riku Verson by Nukarulesthehouse1Evil Love by Nukarulesthehouse1Baridi by Nukarulesthehouse1Happy Birthday Savu by Nukarulesthehouse1Who is the best TLK villain by Nukarulesthehouse1Coldlander Version of Nuka by Nukarulesthehouse1Baridi and Valido by Nukarulesthehouse1Birthday gift for Savu0211 by Nukarulesthehouse1He has to leave the pridelands by Nukarulesthehouse1Sina fan art by Nukarulesthehouse1Riku Remorseful by Nukarulesthehouse1

All of the fan art I have done has improves over the years to come, but during that time I joined a RPG called Feralheart and since then I have become obsessed with the game. My time on Feralheart has really been a great year for me. I made some great people, great role plays, and it improves my social skills as well. ^^ Since then I posted a bunch of screencaps of my time on the game, most of them with my Liger OC named Mstari who I mostly play as. If you want to check out all of my screencaps, then here they are. 


Looking at all of these made me bring back so many memories. <3 <3 If the game does not lag to much on my laptop or my old PC, I would of still be on that game. ^^ 

For a year I haven't watched a good show for a long while. I was on Youtube watching a video, I came across a new animated TV series called My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic. When I saw the character Discord in the video, I thought that he has a cool design and I wondered where he was from. Turns out, he was from the show My Little Pony. My jaw dropped in surprise and awe when I found out the show has a huge fandom and not just the girls, but guys who are 13 to 35 watched this show. I started to check this show out so I can see what makes people so attracted to this show. When I finished Season 1, I started to get into this show. When I got to the Season 2 premiere, that is when I became obsessed with this show mostly because of how the animation, story, and characters were so well developed. I can now see why people loved this show and in just two weeks, I became a brony myself and I have been ever since late October 2011. xD

Discord lord of chaos by Nukarulesthehouse1

This was my first fan art I did when I got into the fandom and I am still proud of how it turned out, since I never drew something outside of The Lion King. After a few years, my artwork begins to improve itself when I began my Junior Year at High School and my first year at my campus, Tulsa Tech. I took Digital Media there and I have so much fun in that class. ^^ I was taught on how to use Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and many other programs, including Flash. While there I started to work on some fanart on my own whenever there are break days in the campus so I worked on my first fan art I ever did on Photoshop, an art to this day I am mostly proud of. 

Gift for Alex- Alexina Randers by Nukarulesthehouse1

This was made as a gift for my best friend Alex, my rping best friend. :iconalexrozehedgehog: Her and I used to RP a lot back in Aniroleplay and since then, we become close friends ever since and we still are today. ^^ We were roleplaying Monsters Inc. at the time and I was roleplaying as Randall Boggs. She made her own monster OC persona named Alexina Randers, a chameleon/diamondback rattlesnake monster whom shares deep feelings for Randall and tries to show him the right path instead of the dark path that he has taken. Here she is with only half of her body, but her full body can be shown here.
I will find out... by Dark-Crescent-Moon 

I know what your thinking. No this is not my fanart, but it was a gift art made for me and Alex by a great artist here :icondark-crescent-moon:. Check out this girl's fan art, she is really good and it impires me to draw Randall Boggs as well. ^^ 

Randall Boggs by Nukarulesthehouse1

If you want to check out all of my photoshop fan art that I made on here. Here it is right here. ^^ nukarulesthehouse1.deviantart.…

Overall the years on DeviantArt has been very fun and I enjoyed my time here. I made friends, improve my fan art, and it made me learn that practice always makes perfect. ^^ I want to thank you all for taking your time in reading this and I hope that in years to come, I will continue posting some fan art and fan fictions that are yet to come so I can inspire and entertain people as well. ^^ I wish you all a great day and peace out. 8) 
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